Transport conditions of the global economy


  • Andrzej S. Grzelakowski Gdynia Maritime University



global economy, global supply chains, global transport challenges, global logistics performance, transport and logistics indices


The subject of research is the global economy perceived through the prism of its conditions and transport challenges that its development is currently generating. The author justifies the hypothesis that transport being a lever of globalization processes and a stimulator of the development of the global economy requires improvement, and in all dimensions of its activity on an international scale. For this purpose, basic barriers and threats of transport and logistics that are or may appear in the global economy in the near future were identified. The potential effects resulting from this reason for the global economy and its selected sectors, mainly trade were also indicated. It also identifies actions that should be taken to eliminate or reduce existing transport barriers, including mainly infrastructure barriers, which should lead to an increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of the transport sector on a global scale. The publication uses the studies and reports of international organizations such as the WTO, WB, WEF regarding the subject under study. The obtained research results allowed to formulate conclusions that, firstly, the transport infrastructure and low quality of transport services are still a significant barrier to the development of many economies – including the world’s leading ones – and, secondly, that it is necessary to undertake coherent, internationally coordinated stimulating activities for transport development on a global scale. Transport is becoming a factor determining further growth of competitiveness and ensuring the expected level of facilitation in world trade and the required efficiency of functioning of global supply chains.


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Grzelakowski, A. S. (2018). Transport conditions of the global economy. Transport Economics and Logistics, 80, 75–84.



Transport development challenges