Joint ventures on the air transport market – a new dimension of cooperation


  • Elżbieta Marciszewska SGH Warsaw School of Economics
  • Adam Hoszman SGH Warsaw School of Economics



air transport, joint ventures, consolidation, cooperation


Strategic partnership based on cooperation, as part of strategic alliances and other cooperation agreements, has its history in the aviation sector. The processes of cooperation and consolidation decide about the competitiveness of entities from this sector in the global aviation market. This applies not only to airlines, but also airports constituting the infrastructure entities of this sector. The article points to new trends in the construction of partnerships, blurring relations in alliances and wider cooperation of airlines based on joint venture agreements. The development of joint ventures in aviation changes the structure of the aviation market, the conditions of competition, and also changes the strength and depth of existing cooperation within alliances. It re-evaluates their importance in obtaining competitive advantages on the market.


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Marciszewska, E., & Hoszman, A. (2018). Joint ventures on the air transport market – a new dimension of cooperation. Transport Economics and Logistics, 80, 149–158.



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