Reviewing procedure

1 - Editorial assessment: Submitted papers first go through editorial assessment with regard to their academic quality, adherence to formal submission guidelines, and relevance to the thematic scope of the journal. A desk rejection is possible at this stage. 

2 - Review and revision: The next step is double-blind peer review with two reviewers. The reviewers provide a written evaluation and guidelines for revision (if required). The procedure is the same for original works and for translations of previously published texts. The authors of translated texts must be equally ready to work on requested revisions, which may result in substantial differences between the English version and the original.

3 - Final decision: The final decision to accept or reject a paper belongs to the executive editor and to the lead editor of the particular issue.

4 - Contract: The authors of works accepted for publication shall provide signed copies of Agreements with Authors, available in EN and PL on the Information page of the publishing platform: The Agreement is based on the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. For co-authored papers, please provide a single copy with details and signatures of all the authors.