Reviewing procedure

Manuscript will be sent to two reviewers for their opinion on its suitability for publication in EJTS and scientific quality. The Editor-in-Chief or his/her co-editors will choose reviewers from the list of reviewers. Authors are also invited to include the full address, e-mail address of two suggested reviewers, for consideration by the editor. Authors will be informed about the acceptance of their contribution. In case where reviewers have significantly diverging opinions, an additional review will be obtained. In their basic review process, reviewers are asked to address the questions from the table. When the author is submitting a revised version of the manuscript we advise him/her to list the changes made in response to the referee’s remarks. The author should go through the reviewer comments and for each comment to mention whether he/she followed the suggestion or whether he/she disagrees and wish to respond to the comment. The manuscripts and the figures will not normally be returned to authors. The author is responsible for the accuracy of the references. Only those contributions, which conform to the following instructions, can be accepted for publication. Authors do not pay for publication of their papers. But they can support financially EJTS only in the case if their papers are results of research grants and the proper information on the grant is visible in Acknowledgement.