Whatever is Inside is Outside: Do Nostalgic Memories Exist in Parallel Universes?


  • Samhita K Jain University



Słowa kluczowe:

nostalgia, memories, parallel universes, multiverse, arrow of time


This paper explores nostalgic memories from an unconventional perspective and their complex relationship with parallel universes. The arrow of time is not necessarily linear, and nostalgic memories pertaining to the past or the future, be it in this world or in parallel universes, could be accessed in various states of consciousness. Whatever is inside (in the internal environment of an individual) is outside (in the external environment), which is in line with esoteric teachings and individualistic experiences. The Indian concept of Maya (illusion) that applies to the material world, acts as a hindrance to experiencing Brahman or the ultimate Truth. Until one is able to perceive the infinitely connected universe in all its gigantic underlying unity, it may be posited that nostalgic memories exist in parallel universes.


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K, S. (2021). Whatever is Inside is Outside: Do Nostalgic Memories Exist in Parallel Universes?. Jednak Książki. Gdańskie Czasopismo Humanistyczne, 2(13), 69–75. https://doi.org/10.26881/jk.2021.13.06