Wartość wykształcenia retorycznego w opinii Libaniusza



This article presents the problem of the value of rhetorical education in the selected texts (speeches, letters, progymnasmata) of Libanius (314–392/3 AD), one of the most outstanding personali-ties of the fourth century, illustrious representative of the so-called third sophistry. According to Libanius the rhetoric was a foundation whereon should be built education of the young man. He saw in rhetorical education a set of moral values and practical skills they need for life and shaping the intellect. Recognized rhetoric as part of the transfer of the Greek (Hellenic) cultural heritage forming a sense of identification with the young man’s own history and traditions. He showed, marked by strong emotions, faith in the logoi, and in the power of the Greek literary culture. It should be noted that Libanius very idealistically approached to the influence of the rhetoric on the education of young people, assigning it a quasi-religious significance.


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Kosznicki, M. . (2016). Wartość wykształcenia retorycznego w opinii Libaniusza. Argumenta Historica. Czasopismo Naukowo - Dydaktyczne, (3), 70–78. Pobrano z https://czasopisma.bg.ug.edu.pl/index.php/argumentahistorica/article/view/3349