Rynek transferowy w Chinach – ujęcie prawne i polityczno-społeczne


  • Mariusz Szatkowski Uniwersytet Gdański


In this paper, legal and social aspects of the football transfer market in China are described. Nowadays, a football revolution is taking place in China amid governmental projects intended to improve the state of football in the country. Chinese football clubs have challenged the richest European teams on the transfer market. Football transfers made within recent years have sparked a reaction from the Chinese Football Association, which – in response to those actions – introduced a series of reforms aimed at stopping the practice. In this paper, the legal aspects of the Chinese transfer market are listed, in particular those in the recent period that resulted in a reaction from the Chinese Football Association. It is also emphasised that the actions taken by the Chinese clubs on the transfer market constitute only a fraction of the Chinese football revolution, by also showing other fields in which the country is developing. The situation on the Chinese transfer market has deeply influenced the world football stage and has also significantly contributed to the rise of the Chinese football leagues.


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Szatkowski, M. (2018). Rynek transferowy w Chinach – ujęcie prawne i polityczno-społeczne. Gdańskie Studia Azji Wschodniej, (14), 87–95. Pobrano z https://czasopisma.bg.ug.edu.pl/index.php/GSAW/article/view/2687