Tadeusz Dmochowski (1962–2022)


  • Michał Harciarek Uniwersytet Gdański


On the night of 16–17 March 2022, in Gdańsk, Professor Taduesz Dmochowski died unexpectedly. Political scientist, professor of the University of Gdańsk, for many years Dean of the UG Faculty of Social Sciences, Professor Dmochowski was a member of the Academic Council of the Centre for East Asian Studies at the University of Gdańsk and of the scholarly bi-annual journal Gdańsk East Asian Studies.

Tadeusz Dmochowski was born on 9 September 1962 in Gdańsk. In 1981, he began to study history at the Humanities Faculty of the University of Gdańsk. After completing his studies, he worked for several years at the Medical High School, part of the M. Słaby Medical Schools Group No. 1 in Gdańsk. From October 1996, he worked in the UG Faculty of Social Sciences. In 1998, he received a doctorate in the Humanities in the field of political science, and in 2010, he received his post-doctoral degree (habilitacja) in the Humanities in the field of political science for his dissertation Radziecko-chińskie stosunki polityczne po śmierci Mao Zedonga (Soviet-Chinese Political Relations since the Death of Mao Zedong).

Professor Dmochowski was active in creating the Institute of Political Science from its very beginnings; currently it is one of the seven institutes in the UG Faculty of Social Sciences. For many years, he was Vice-Director of the Institute of Political Science responsible for teaching affairs (2002–2012); subsequently (2012–2016), he was Director of the Institute of Political Science. In 2016, he was elected Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, a position he held until his death. His whole career was bound up with the University of Gdańsk, his alma mater. He helped to train many generations of political scientists.

He was a member of the Committee for Social Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences (from 2015) and he was a member of the central governing body of the Polish Association of Political Sciences. He was author of several books, dozens of academic articles, and many chapters in multi-author books. His books relate to East Asia. In 2020, the President of Poland awarded him the Silver Cross of Merit for his academic work.


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