Kariera polityczno-wojskowa kontradmirała Gereona Grzeni-Romanowskiego w latach 1945–1949


  • Adrian Watkowski Uniwersytet Gdański

Słowa kluczowe:

Gereon Grzenia-Romanowski, Ludowe Wojsko Polskie, marynarka wojenna, Polska Ludowa, stalinizacja


Admiral Gereon Grzenia-Romanowski was an infantry officer before World War II. During World War II he fought in the Union of Armed Struggle and the Communist People’s Guard. He then became a member of the communist Polish Workers’ Party and the head of its youth in Poznań. At the end of April 1945 he again returned to the infantry as an officer for political education. Initially, he worked in the 12th Infantry Division which was stationed in Szczecin. He came there to the position of deputy division commander for the political-educational matters. Then he held the same positions in the 16th Kashubian Infantry Division in Gdańsk. Since 1947 his career began to be refracted. Initially, he was transferred to a less significant positions in the infantry and then sent to study in the Infantry Training Centre. However, in October 1949 he was finally stripped of all posts and sent to the office of the head of the Military Studies at the Technical University in Gdańsk. He returned to favour in November 1956, as a result of changes after the “Polish October” in 1956. Next, he began to make his career in the Navy.


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Watkowski, A. (2017). Kariera polityczno-wojskowa kontradmirała Gereona Grzeni-Romanowskiego w latach 1945–1949. Argumenta Historica. Czasopismo Naukowo - Dydaktyczne, (4), 143–157. Pobrano z https://czasopisma.bg.ug.edu.pl/index.php/argumentahistorica/article/view/3308