Wspomnienie o Schulzu


  • Izabela Czermakowa


In Izabela Czermakowa’s memory, Bruno Schulz appears to be a writer that attracted people’s attention and had many occasions to socialize with the “high society,” not only in Drogobych. Yet he was so shy that those who met him could not understand either him or his work. “I have bought Cinnamon Shops by your friend Schulz. Honestly, I cannot understand anything of it. Why should anyone write like this and for whom? I have no idea why Warsaw is so enchanted, perhaps it’s just snobbery?” This commentary by an engineer who invited Schulz to dinner organized for a group of friends was not a spontaneous reaction to Schulz’s fiction, but a belated complaint on the author’s behavior since he was unable to reciprocate the appreciation of those who knew him and accidental readers.


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Czermakowa, I. (2014). Wspomnienie o Schulzu. Schulz/Forum, (4), 103–108. Pobrano z