Miejskie Zakłady Komunikacyjne w Gdańsku, 1945–1946. Bilans otwarcia


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komunikacja miejska po 1945 r., Miejskie Zakłady Komunikacyjne w Gdańsku (MZK w Gdańsku), tramwaje, Michał Bogusławski, pracownicy komunikacji


In April, clearing up of the streets in Gdańsk, barricade and derelict buildings dismantling, first road and bridge works were initiated; signposts erected. At the same time the first transport company – Miejskie Zakłady Komunikacyjne [Municipality Transport Company], operating in Gdańsk area, was established (a year later transformed into the bigger organization covering Gdynia and Sopot – Międzykomunalne Zakłady Komunikacyjne Gdańsk Gdynia [Gdańsk Gdynia Inter-municipality Transport Company] and the first employees appeared in the Wrzeszcz workshops. Thanks to them, the first tram went to the city streets on 28th June 1945. The article presents the results of the Municipality Transport Company activities. During the turbulent years, at the turn of 1945 and 1946, transportation city space was organized and directions of changes, which were implemented in the subsequent years, were defined.


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Borzestowski, W. (2021). Miejskie Zakłady Komunikacyjne w Gdańsku, 1945–1946. Bilans otwarcia. Argumenta Historica. Czasopismo Naukowo - Dydaktyczne, (8), 22–44. Pobrano z https://czasopisma.bg.ug.edu.pl/index.php/argumentahistorica/article/view/7395