The Fragmentary Narrative in the Nomadic VJ Performance by Peter Greenaway


  • Kamil Lipiński Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań


Słowa kluczowe:

Peter Greenaway’s VJ performance, non-linear storytelling


The article explores fragmentary, transmedia images of the nomadic  Tulse Luper  VJ Performance in terms of activation of the senses. Considering its key characteristics (such as mobility of the spectator, the multiplicity of viewpoints, fragmentary  storytelling), this VJ screen-based performance challenges ordinary assumptions of the cinematic experience. This perspective sheds a new light on the areal connection of the multi-screen environment that exceeds the perception of one linear  story in favour of a kaleidoscopic stream of images and ekphrastic writing. By  analysing spatio-temporal specifics of the No TV Tulse Luper VJ Performance, this  methodological study attempted to demonstrate that the VJ projection could not only be perceived as a reconfiguration of the basic trilogy but also as a unique,  non-linear, touch-based manipulation of storytelling that aims at transforming  a cinematic event into a real-time, expanded audiovisual project.



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Lipiński, K. (2018). The Fragmentary Narrative in the Nomadic VJ Performance by Peter Greenaway. Panoptikum, (19), 108–120.