Najwidoczniej. Pod przymusem skopicznym

  • Filip Szałasek Uniwersytet Gdański


The essay is an attempt to understand what happened to Gulliver during his stay in Brobdingnag, the land of giants described by Jonathan Swift in his famous work. The author puts emphasis on the scopic experience that leads to an extremely meaningful deformation of sight. What Pierre Klossowski is calling a „Gulliverian vision”, the perversive movement of an artist’s primal instinct, was depicted also by Borges in the story of Funes And His Memory. „Scopic duress” means that there is no other way of looking – one has to embrace and comprehend delusional sight in the means of survival. The question remains: if one will be able to come back to that which is named by common ense as a „normal vision”.

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Szałasek, F. (2014). Najwidoczniej. Pod przymusem skopicznym. Panoptikum, (13), 188-196. Pobrano z