The Wire. Studium przypadku

  • Ewa Drygalska Uniwersytet Jagielloński


The paper addresses the issue of academic interest in the highly acclaimed HBO series The Wire. While much media and social studies literature has analyzed the series itself, relatively little has been written about community the acafans, who in the rise of web 2.0 replaced the subculture known colloquially as nerds. Created in 2002 by David Simon “the best show in the history of American television” was firstly rejected by the HBO viewers but then fully embraced by TV critics and scholars. Academic fans created unprecedented fandom around The Wire and in consequence they managed to bring the program back into popular, general interest.

Jak cytować
Drygalska, E. (2012). The Wire. Studium przypadku. Panoptikum, (11), 73-89. Pobrano z