Himilsbach – kultowa niedoskonałość

  • Jakub Rusakow Uniwersytet Gdański


The subject of this article is a modern cult phenomenon, specifically its manifestation in Polish literature and film. Jan Himilsbach (writer and amateur actor) is used here as an example to understand the rules of cult status allocation. Despite his lack of proper education and numerous shortcomings in his craft, Himilsbach managed to achieve considerable success, which later transformed into adoration in some circles. Considering the primary meaning of term “cult” and its religious connotations it seems that there are some significant similarities in the way cult objects were treated then and how they are treated today. It is illustrated by the visible role of celebrities in popular culture. One of important factors in gaining a cult status is being in the right moment of history. Himilsbach managed that, having become a kind of response to society’s needs of the time. It is reflected in both his literary and film work. Treated like a personification of frankness and earthiness he quickly became popular, since he had seemed to be unconventional and thus like a breath of fresh air. What is more, his life story itself was extraordinary as well, even though he even exaggerated it in many interviews. Some events from his past are still unconfirmed, which only contributes to further spreading his legend that is crucial for his public perception.

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Rusakow, J. (2012). Himilsbach – kultowa niedoskonałość. Panoptikum, (11), 112-128. Pobrano z https://czasopisma.bg.ug.edu.pl/index.php/panoptikum/article/view/255