Widz zaangażowany – uczestnik teleturnieju

  • Sylwia Galanciak Uniwersytet Warszawski


The article is an attempt to describe the role of quiz shows and game shows in the process of creating image of television as important social space. Game show and quiz show belong to a genre based on rhetorical model of communication, prepared for having strongly interactive relationship with their viewers, presented as important participant (audience gathered in the studio) and the main hero of the spectacle (competitors). This model is strongly grounded in oral culture with its ritualization of every action and gesture, as well as mythologisation of presented situations. It helps to create the image of the medium as a main upholder of axionormative order and of viewer’s community integrity; the viewer in this symbolic construction is designated for the role of member of this community, gathered in space of the television agora.

Jak cytować
Galanciak, S. (2012). Widz zaangażowany – uczestnik teleturnieju. Panoptikum, (11), 153-168. Pobrano z https://czasopisma.bg.ug.edu.pl/index.php/panoptikum/article/view/258