Trans czy misja?


  • Agnieszka Doda-Wyszyńska Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu


Nowadays we are summoned to be in the state of permanent metastability, favorable to an ordering from a position of strength, dictate of power. It seems that transmission (especially an online one) consist mainly in mechanism of projection. In the offline world we are living in our „communication communities”, to use Stanley Fish’s expression. Interpretations of information flowing between us are strictly dependent on the institutional environment in which we live. When we move to the online world, we cannot even realize all the transmission distortions (anonymity of internet users).Transmission seems to be the term appropriated by the “ideology of the direct relation”, although the “direct relation” is associated more with the opposite of the ideology as subordination of life to an idea imposed by the community, having the nature of a rigid rule. Transmission is not a word that is formed by simple compound two other words: trans (to go beyond) and mission (task). What, after analyzing the concepts – trans and mission – will change in our perception of the “transmission”? We are now urged on to a trance (“being beyond”), but dissuaded from a mission (the task related to some common telos)?


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Doda-Wyszyńska, A. (2011). Trans czy misja?. Panoptikum, (10), 51–61. Pobrano z