Kino i jego reprezentacje w brytyjskim sitcomie (od Spaced do Extras)


  • Julia Gierczak Uniwersytet Gdański


The article is a guide that mainly discusses the tendencies of the latest instances of the television form called Britcom. The paper deals with a series broadcasted on Channel 4 (Spaced) and the BBC coproduction with the HBO (Extras). A very specific alternation of so called cringe comedy genre, the politics of fandom and fan fiction as well as a celebrity figure – these are just the most gripping plots and strategies in the British situation comedy of the last decade. The paper also tackles on more general issue, namely the question whether sitcom is still a proper term for this kind of TV series? “Maybe this is all semantics that the term sitcom is just a handy shorthand for media writers, but that begs the question: what kind of situation is inherently funny, let alone not funny in and of itself (…) Successful comedies should be called «witcoms», not sitcoms” – considers David Horowitz. According to the various aspects of r(evolution) it is just the beginning of the subversive turn.


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Gierczak, J. (2011). Kino i jego reprezentacje w brytyjskim sitcomie (od Spaced do Extras). Panoptikum, (10), 183–195. Pobrano z