Sexuality, Feminism and Polish Cinema in Maria Kornatowska’s "Eros i film"


  • Małgorzata Radkiewicz Jagiellonian University in Krakow


Słowa kluczowe:

film criticism, feminism, sexuality, identity, gender


The text addresses the issue of feminist film criticism in Poland in the 1980s, represented by the book by Maria Kornatowska Eros i  film [Eros and Film, 1986]. In her analysis Kornatowska focused mostly on Polish cinema, examined through a feminist and psychoanalytic lens. As a film critic, she followed international cinematic offerings and the latest trends in film studies, which is why she decided to fill the gap in Polish writings on gender and sexuality in cinema, and share her knowledge and ideas on the relationship between Eros and Film. The purpose of the text on Kornatowska’s book was to present her individual interpretations of the approach of Polish and foreign filmmakers to the body, sexuality, gender identity, eroticism, the question of violence and death. Secondly, it was important to emphasize her skills and creative potential as a film critic who was able to use many diverse repositories of thought (including feminist theories, philosophy and anthropology) to create a multi-faceted lens, which she then uses to perform a subjective, critical analysis of selected films.


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The extended version of this text was published in Polish in a collection of essays about Maria Kornatowska. See: Radkiewicz, M. (2020), „Eros i film” w interpretacji Marii Kornatowskiej, [in:], Maria Kornatowska, Wydawnictwo Naukowe Scholar, pp. 137–158.

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Radkiewicz, M. . (2020). Sexuality, Feminism and Polish Cinema in Maria Kornatowska’s "Eros i film". Panoptikum, (23), 117–130.