Bajka terapeutyczna jako medium edukacyjne: wzorce społeczne, kulturowe i językowe



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pedagogika mediów, edukacja medialna, multimedia, wiek przedszkolny, wiek wczesnoszkolny, bajkoterapia, bajka terapeutyczna


The idea of education with the use of educational media is not new, however contemporary teaching and upbringing require innovative forms in order to engage the recipients and raise the effectiveness of the process. A novel tool of influencing a child of a pre- and early school age is a therapeutic story, often being presented in a multimedia form. It is a carrier of social, cultural and language patterns. The child, through the identification with the main character, assumes the models of behaviour as well as adopts an active, creative and rational attitude towards difficult situations which may happen or happened. The mechanism of the identification of the recipient with the protagonist is stimulated by interaction, which is supported by the multimedia form. Tasks and games which are incorporated in the plot give the child the feeling of being in charge and the sense of success. Announcements made by the protagonist (inquiries, praise) strengthen the bond between the child and the fairy-tale character. Psychoeducational tales are used for prevention purposes, while psychotherapeutic and relaxation ones are implemented in therapy for the regeneration of human reserves.


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Forma, P., & Bełtkiewicz, D. (2018). Bajka terapeutyczna jako medium edukacyjne: wzorce społeczne, kulturowe i językowe. Problemy Wczesnej Edukacji, 43(4), 127–136.