Filmowy Poemat pedagogiczny: między Makarenką a wymogami kultury totalitarnej


  • Jakub Sadowski Uniwersytet Jagielloński


Słowa kluczowe:

Anton Makarenko, Poemat pedagogiczny, Związek Radziecki, kino, film, kultura stalinowska, totalitaryzm


Anton Makarenko’s novel The Pedagogical Poem had been published in 1934–1935; after 20 years it was finally filmed (The Pedagogical Poem by Alexei Maslukov and Mechislava Mayevskaya, 1955). This article is an analysis of a specific relationship between Makarenko’s text and the cinematic variant of the “Poem”. The nature of transformation of literary text into film text is complex. It requires not only the adaptation of the novel to the linguistic requirements of the movie. The typological distinctions between the language of literary and cinematic Poems concern not only two spheres of the functioning of these works, but also two types of culture in which they were brought to life. The literary Pedagogical Poem was created as an autonomous work against totalitarian discourse, however it still participates in it. The key to its reading (which is specific for totalitarian culture) analyzed in this text results from the main function of narratives of this culture, i.e. the transmission of units of its mythological universe.


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Sadowski, J. (2017). Filmowy Poemat pedagogiczny: między Makarenką a wymogami kultury totalitarnej. Problemy Wczesnej Edukacji, 39(4), 114–121.