Psychostenik. Gombrowiczowi, Karpińskiemu i Schulzowi

  • Maria Wrześniewska-Kruczkowska


An autobiography of a “macabre idiot” (or the title “psychostenic”) from the moment of birth through the murder of a sadistic nanny, attaining power over the world, and abolishing the positions of mothers, fathers, and nannies, as well as cradles, and death at the birth of cockroaches. The story was originally published in Apel, 1937, no. 13 (supplement to Kurier Poranny, no. 351 (December 19), pp. 9–10.

Jak cytować
Wrześniewska-Kruczkowska, M. (2016). Psychostenik. Gombrowiczowi, Karpińskiemu i Schulzowi. Schulz/Forum, (8), 135-139. Pobrano z