Owady i filozofia. Tischnera i Themersona wycieczki do świata insektów


  • Maciej Michalski Uniwersytet Gdański, Instytut Filologii Polskiej


The article presents thesis on insect perspective in works of two important writers and philosophers – Stefan Themerson and Józef Tischner. Firstly, author of this paper interprets Themerson’s narrative novel Professor Mmaa’s Lecture as metaphorical picture of human society which is being reflected in a society of termites. Homo sapiens social behaviors, perceived from a perspective of insects, lose their anthropocentric obviousness and yet Themerson’s vision is far from naive unification of human and insect condition. Further part of the article focuses on Tischner’s collection of essays, where intellectual life of polish society is being discussed. In some of these essays philosopher uses example and perspective of insects to reveal absurdity in human life. In conclusive part of the article, author compares these two works in their similarities and differences. They appear to be profound analysis of totalitarian society presented by parabolic picture of insect world.


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Michalski, M. (2014). Owady i filozofia. Tischnera i Themersona wycieczki do świata insektów. Jednak Książki. Gdańskie Czasopismo Humanistyczne, (2), 112–121. Pobrano z https://czasopisma.bg.ug.edu.pl/index.php/JednakKsiazki/article/view/458