W poszukiwaniu mitu. O filmach dokumentalnych Grzegorza Królikiewicza

  • Michał Dondzik Uniwersytet Łódzki


Michal Dondzik’s article is dedicated to the documental work of Grzegorz Królikiewicz and analyses the director’s movies through the recurring motif of Polish myths related to national heroes, freedom and the Polish intelligentsia. The article also discusses the issues and artistry of Krolikiewicz’s documentaries, created during the People’s Republic of Poland (PRL) as well as contemporary Poland. This perspective presents the diversity of the director’s forms of expression and also the consequences, of which Krolikiewicz returns to the topics of interest.

Jak cytować
Dondzik, M. (2013). W poszukiwaniu mitu. O filmach dokumentalnych Grzegorza Królikiewicza. Panoptikum, (12), 134-142. Pobrano z https://czasopisma.bg.ug.edu.pl/index.php/panoptikum/article/view/238