Serial internetowy – notatki o zjawisku


  • Paweł Sołodki Akademia Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna w Łódź


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serial internetowy, YouTube, Vimeo


The article takes a closer look at web series which not only are distributed exclusively via world wide web (usually YouTube and Vimeo) but for which the hypertextuality, modularity or transmediality stand for their essential qualities. I have divided web series into three categories: 1) very cheap, short series and series of a few episodes amateurish in form ; 2) semi-professional series of a longer length, sometimes genre-oriented; 3) professional “extensions” (spin-off’s) of traditional TV series, 4) branded series considered to represent narrative commercials of minor and major brands. The author analyses the form and content of the above regarding both fictional and documentary works; elaborates on one of the most complex examples (“H+. The Digital Series” by Warner Bros.) and finishes with opportunities and disadvantages of such a film form.


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Sołodki, P. (2018). Serial internetowy – notatki o zjawisku. Panoptikum, (20), 33–46.