Smakowanie filmu. Kulinarna promocja filmu jako paratekst w kontekście badań nad międzynarodową recepcją kina azjatyckiego


  • Agnieszka Kiejziewicz Uniwersytet Gdański
  • Marcin Zwolan Uniwersytet Gdański



The proposed article revolves around broadening the definition of a paratext in the context of culinary promotion, presentation and analysis of the chosen Asian cinema festivals. Starting from theoretical and definitional issues, the authors define how culinary recipes appear in film art, outlining their roles, types, or structures. Furthermore, the reader has the opportunity to learn about the culinary paratexts accompanying the “Five Flavors” Asian Film Festival and the New York Asian Film Festival Winter Showcase in 2020. The article’s main goal was complemented by the elements of the historical links between culinary and cinema in Asia. The authors’ attention was also drawn by the international reception of food and film pairing. An essential point of reference for the authors is the transnational nature of culinary paratexts and the somatic character of the stimuli accompanying the shows.


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