The Rolls of Oléron, Maritime Assizes of the Kingdom of jerusalem


  • Marcin Böhm Uniwersytet Opolski



The essence of this paper is to illustrate the genuine link between the norms contained in the medieval twenty-four first laws of oléron that have survived to modern times, binding certain legal solutions in the space over the ages. The Laws of oléron contain norms relating to contemporary maritime labour law. Certainly they are not a model fully reflected in the maritime labor Convention (mlC 2006). nevertheless, these principles can be an interesting starting point for discussions on the importance of decent working conditions and the lives of seafarers on ships from a few centuries perspective and the importance of maritime safety culture.


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Böhm, M. . (2019). The Rolls of Oléron, Maritime Assizes of the Kingdom of jerusalem. Gdańskie Studia Prawnicze, (3(43)/2019), 129–137.