Prakseologia międzynarodowa, czyli przypomnienie pewnego pomysłu


  • Kamil Zeidler Uniwersytet Gdański


Praxeology is a science of efficient and effective action. Seeking the broadest generalizations referring to all forms of conscious and purposeful action considered for reasons of efficiency, it constructs and justifies practical directives, that is, orders and prohibitions as well as recommendations and warnings, regarding the enhancement of efficiency and the avoidance of its lack in action.

Such a normative system (a set of practical recommendations) is adaptable to all kinds of human activity the goal and value of which is effectiveness. This also applies to international law and international relations, to which Janusz Gilas drew attention in the 1970s. In regard to both the organization and cataloguing of praxeological rules in international law and international practice for the purpose of their effective use, and the introduction and application of norms preventing dangerous “praxeological techniques” – interesting research can be undertaken thanks to the tools of praxeology understood as a general theory of efficient and effective action.


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Zeidler, . K. . (2019). Prakseologia międzynarodowa, czyli przypomnienie pewnego pomysłu. Gdańskie Studia Prawnicze, (2(42)/2019), 301–310. Pobrano z