Skutki prawne przynależności krewnych do tzw. wielkiej rodziny


  • Anna Sylwestrzak Uniwersytet Gdański


Nowadays, the tendency to loosen bonds with distant relatives is deepening, and the family life to a large extent is concentrated within a small two-generation family. This is reflected in the provisions of civil law, in which the legal consequences of distant kinship occur only incidentally. The Author presents and organizes legal regulations which link legal consequences with distant kinship. She comes to the conclusion that at the level of care institutions, distant relatives are particularly qualified by the legislator to take parental functions in crisis situations, as part of foster care, care and adoption. The bond between relatives benefits from protection as a personal good resulting from human experiences related to family relationships. distant relatives are also included to some extent in the order of statutory succession.


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Sylwestrzak, A. . (2019). Skutki prawne przynależności krewnych do tzw. wielkiej rodziny. Gdańskie Studia Prawnicze, (2(42)/2019), 483–495. Pobrano z