Etyczność i religijność w edukacyjnym dyskursie aksjologicznym


  • Małgorzata Obrycka Akademia Pomorska w Słupsku

Słowa kluczowe:

education, ethics, morality, religiousness, identity


The reflections contained in this article were placed in the context of problematic issues of producing a contemporary discourse related to the recognition in what way ethics and religion classes function in the Polish educational system. At the same time, I wish to display the attitude that these classes should not be promoted as equal to each other. Maintaining the school belief that ethics lessons are only for atheist students perpetuates the myth that ethics is the enemy of religion. The direct inspiration for the theoretical optics applied by me is the assumption, according to which, the properly organized education – directed towards aspects of ethics and religiousness – should contribute to improving the intellectual and moral human being.


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Obrycka, M. (2018). Etyczność i religijność w edukacyjnym dyskursie aksjologicznym. Karto-Teka Gdańska, (1(2), 19–32. Pobrano z

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