Czarownica, wariatka i seksoholiczka. Protagonistki „trylogii o depresji” Larsa von Triera


  • Marta Maciejewska Uniwersytet Gdański


The aim of this article is to analyse mutual behaviours, life situations and experiences that heroines of Lars von Trier’s so-called Depression Trilogy share. These female characters are created in such a way that they are unable to function as parts of society or follow some stereotypical roles attached to femininity. They neither understand patriarchal organization of the world nor accept other women who want to follow rules created by men.The author of this article emphasises on the importance of two paradigms of femininity present both in von Trier’s Depression Trilogy and his previous films. The first one is demonic, sexual, free and insane, and the other one – social, obedient to masculinity, ruled by stereotypes of women. The protagonists of Depression Trilogy are unable to fulfil their roles as mothers and wives, which is a consequence of the fact that they feel limited when some rules are imposed on them. They treat their femininity and sexuality rather as natural powers, which means they should be classified into the first of the abovementioned paradigms.


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