Genealogia pierwszych pokoleń Działyńskich



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Działyński family, late medieval Polish nobility, late medieval Polish magnates, medieval genealogy and prosopography, historiography


In this paper, the author succeeded in correcting specific assertions of particular researchers of the genealogy of the first generations of the Działyński family of the Ogon coat of arms, which in the late Middle Ages became one of the magnate families and maintained its high position in the modern times as well (i.a., the issue of the alleged wife of Chamberlain Piotr of Działyń, the background of the wife of the Słońsk castellan Jan Działyński of Wola and Żałe). The most significant achievement, however, was the correction regarding the genealogy of Mikołaj Działyński, who died in 1491 – the first representative of the family who became a provincial governor and was the forefather of its main line. According to the conducted research, he was most likely not the son of the family’s progenitor, the Dobrzyń chamberlain Piotr (died in 1441–1441), but his grandson. as the father of the provincial governor Mikołaj we identify Mikołaj of Działyń, noted in source texts only once (1442), 22 years before his son’s activity was first recorded in any documents. The Marienburg treasurer (podskarbi) Krzysztof, who also used the Ogon coat of arms, was not, however, as was suggested before, part of the Działyński family; he probably came from an average noble family of the owners (tenutarius?) of the Celina village in the Dobrzyń land.


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Szybkowski, S. (2019). Genealogia pierwszych pokoleń Działyńskich. Studia Z Dziejów Średniowiecza, (23), 262–279.