Elgaz na tle polskiego rynku wideo


  • Grzegorz Fortuna Jr. Uniwersytet Gdański


Elgaz was one of the biggest companies that distributed films in the times of Polish transformation and its boss – Janusz Leksztoń – was one of the richest Polish businessmen of the period. For several years Elgaz was the synonym of success, but the history of the company is complex and reflects all paradoxes of the Polish market of early 1990s. The article is an attempt to use Elgaz as a synecdoche of the Polish VHS market. The author tries to achieve that goal by identifying movies distributed by the company, describing esthetics of VHS covers and Elgaz commercials and constructing a portrait of Janusz Leksztoń on the background of the Polish VHS market and culture.


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Fortuna Jr., G. (2016). Elgaz na tle polskiego rynku wideo. Panoptikum, (15), 69–91. Pobrano z https://czasopisma.bg.ug.edu.pl/index.php/panoptikum/article/view/195