• Ewa Ciszewska Uniwersytet Łódzki
  • Jadwiga Mostowska Central Cabinet for Film Education


Fuelled with new energy, film education is again the focus of Polish film studies and Polish studies. Recently published monographs by Witold Bobiński (2011, 2016) and volumes released by various academic institutions (Jaskulski, Koryciński, 2016; Ciszewska, Klejsa, 2016) prove that researchers keenly explore practical and theoretical issues connected with this phenomenon. During the 2nd Congress of Film and Media Scholars titled “Discourses of Visibility” (Cracow, December 2016) two panel sessions were devoted to film education. There is no shortage of activities aimed at promoting film education among students of humanities programmes, suffice to mention the Think!Film project conducted by the Film Studies Student Society in the Chair for Media and Audiovisual Culture at the University of Lodz. 


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Ciszewska, E., & Mostowska, J. (2017). Foreword. Panoptikum, (18), 6–8. Pobrano z