Zasady globalnego prawa środowiska


  • Janina Ciechanowicz-McLean Uniwersytet Gdański


One of the basic tools of environmental protection on a global scale is international law. it covers over five hundred international agreements (hard law) in this field and many declarations and resolutions (soft law), the most important of which are the Stockholm declaration of 1972 and the rio declaration of 1992. Their content includes various principles of international environmental law. However, this law is considered to be ineffective. in 2017, the draft of the Global Pact for the environment was presented at the United Nations. The pact would codify in a single international document twenty-one basic principles of international environmental law, including two very important ones: the right to an ecologically healthy environment and the obligation to care for the environment. Professor Krzysztof drzewicki was the first in the Polish legal literature to analyze the third generation of human rights, including the human right to the environment.


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Ciechanowicz-McLean, J. . (2019). Zasady globalnego prawa środowiska. Gdańskie Studia Prawnicze, (2(42)/2019), 311–323. Pobrano z