Zmagania z mitem. Dorastanie i śmierć w literackiej relacji Linn Ullmann



Słowa kluczowe:

Linn Ullmann, Ingmar Bergman, De urolige, autofikcja, literatura norweska


The aim of this text is to analyze Linn Ullmann’s novel Unquiet (published in 2015) as a literary account of a family history and death of the author’s father, Ingmar Bergman. The article concentrates on how Ullmann, through different formal strategies, manages to tell a very intimate story without reducing it to tabloid-like coverage. First, the article briefly discusses autobiographism, biographism, autofiction and performative biographism as dominating tendencies in Norwegian literature in the 2010’s, placing Ullmann’s novel in this context. Secondly, theoretical perspectives which might be employed in the process of analyzing Unquiet are defined. Lastly, the novel’s form is analyzed with regard to this particular approach. The article’s aim is to present Linn Ullmann’s Unquiet as a novel hybrid in its form, and thus, an one-of-a-kind phenomenon in modern Norwegian literature.


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Drozdowska, K. (2018). Zmagania z mitem. Dorastanie i śmierć w literackiej relacji Linn Ullmann. Studia Scandinavica, (2(22), 11–25.



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