Zajęcie i okupacja Islandii przez wojska brytyjskie 1940–1943



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II wojna światowa, Wielka Brytania, Islandia, okupacja


After the German invasion of Denmark, Winston Churchill, then forming a new cabinet, decided to occupy Iceland. According to the British Prime Minister, this was an operation to prevent the Germans from establishing themselves on the island. According to Churchill, the Germans – who had been successful in Norway – had not only the opportunity and the right forces, but also the strategic motivation to capture Iceland. It should be underlined that, at the time, Iceland, which since 1918 had been an independent state in a personal union with Denmark, declared the will to be strictly neutral. However, Iceland was not able to defend itself. Apart from about 150 policemen and Coast Guards, there were no Icelandic armed forces. The article presents the circumstances and conditions of the British “invasion” of Iceland and the course of the occupation.


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Kubiak, K. (2018). Zajęcie i okupacja Islandii przez wojska brytyjskie 1940–1943. Studia Scandinavica, (2(22), 135–151.



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