Ocalony przez mit. Schulz i Lilien


  • Piotr Sitkiewicz Uniwersytet Gdański


Although at first sight it is difficult to find clear connections between their art, in his essay Schulz expresses his admiration for Lilien’s work and prompts the reader how their respective imaginary worlds come together. The main reason for Schulz’s admiration is the myth of childhood, which the writer cherished so much. Besides, he perceived Lilien as an artist who in his works expressed important currents in the political thought of his times and changes in the collective identity of Jews creating their own state in the land of Israel after centuries of living in diaspora. Thus Lilien is a spokesman of his people, a kind of medium through which the spirit of the age and history can express itself. He is also a great mythmaker.


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Piotr Sitkiewicz - Uniwersytet Gdański

Redaktor, wykładowca edytorstwa na Uniwersytecie Gdańskim. Autor książki Bestiariusz Lema według Mroza (2012), współautor dwóch książek dla dzieci: Gdańsk na opak (2014) i W Gdańsku straszy (2015). Redaktor „Schulz/Forum”. Pisze pracę doktorską poświęconą przedwojennej recepcji dzieł Brunona Schulza.




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Sitkiewicz, P. (2015). Ocalony przez mit. Schulz i Lilien. Schulz/Forum, (6), 97–104. Pobrano z https://czasopisma.bg.ug.edu.pl/index.php/schulz/article/view/2206