„Jednakowoż bez pieniędzy”. Sytuacja materialna Brunona Schulza

  • Piotr Sitkiewicz Uniwersytet Gdański


The author makes an attempt to test a widespread opinion that Bruno Schulz had serious financial problems. This view, however, dating back to the writer’s own statement and then supported by such outstanding experts on his life and work as Jerzy Ficowski, seems to be rather untenable. Having analyzed Schulz’s income confirmed by his letters, as well as the income of other Polish writers in 1918–1939, Piotr Sitkiewicz has reached a conclusion that in fact his living standard in the 1930s was quite high, particularly if one takes into account the economic situation of Poland stricken by the crash of 1929 and its consequences. Schulz’s complaints on his teaching job and salary were not caused by objective estimation, but by his worldview which was influenced by chronic depression.

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Piotr Sitkiewicz, Uniwersytet Gdański

Redaktor, literaturoznawca, wykładowca Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego. Członek redakcji „Schulz/Forum”. Autor książki Bruno Schulz i krytycy. Recepcja twórczości Brunona Schulza w latach 1921–1939 (2018).

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Sitkiewicz, P. (2018). „Jednakowoż bez pieniędzy”. Sytuacja materialna Brunona Schulza. Schulz/Forum, (12), 127–135. https://doi.org/10.26881/sf.2018.12.11
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